Let’s take the burden off your booking for different tours with these Majestic 5 days Johannesburg & Cape Town Tour in 3 Days epic Africa Tour. From the dark history of Johannesburg Apartheid to the wonderful beautiful city of Cape Town, this tour has got it all covered.

We will visit Pretoria, Soweto and Apartheid Museum on the first day and then sneak through the Cradle of Human Kind for the history of origin on the second day. In Capetown, we will visit the memorable Peninsular on the first day, Winelands on the second day with wine tasting included and on the final day in the Cape do a perfect Safari to wrap up all these beautiful Memories.

We are waiting for you to take you on these memorable tours of its own.

Get picked from your hotel in Johannesburg for Pretoria, Soweto and Apartheid Museum. We will drive down to Pretoria for to the Voortrekker Monument where we will put get to learn the beautiful Stories of the Afrikaaners and the rich history of the great trek.

We will drive through the beautiful City of Pretoria and pass by Church Square for some history about the square. We will then head to Union buildings for a photo shoot and also see the iconic statue of Nelson Mandela.

From there we head to Soweto where we will visit Hector Pieterson MuseumMandela House before sampling Some Africa Delicacy. We wrap up things in the Apartheid Museum for a candid apartheid history.

Depart your hotel to Cradle of Human Kind. The Cradle of Human Kind is about 47,000 hectares and is located about 50 kilometers from Johannesburg. It is one of the 8 Places in South Africa listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1999.

Whilst on this tour, you will visit various places including Sterkfontein Caves where the 2.3 million-year-old fossil Australopithecus africanus was unearthed in 1947.

The Maropeng Visitor center is a world-class exhibition that was opened in 2005 and focuses on the development of hominins.

Get picked from your hotel in Cape Town and lets us take you on a Journey of the Peninsula. The full day Peninsula Tour will take you around the entire Cape peninsula and show you the wonders of Cape Town – from the pristine beaches to the spectacular sight of Cape Point, where the oceans meet. Also, be sure not to miss the sensational visit to Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens

We pick you from your hotel in Cape Town hotels or Guest houses for these full day Wine Tour from Cape Town. We start off in Stellenbosch and we will cover the best Winelands in the cape with an option of tasting wine.

Over 1,200 wild animals can be seen on these day Safari, with a number of species including lion, cheetah, Black rhino, eland, leopard, jackal, Cape clawless otter and many more. Birdlife is equally prolific, with a number of local and migratory species to be found across the reserve.

Bird species you may encounter on this Cape Town safari include African fish eagle, black-breasted snake eagle, giant kingfisher, Cape vulture, Cape eagle owl, flamingo, ostrich, secretary bird, sacred ibis, spotted eagle owl, black stork, barn owl, and jackal buzzard to name just a few.

A game drive across the reserve is the perfect way to take on the plentiful game and bird life that can be found at the Private Game Reserve

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