Cradle of Human Kind Tour with Lesedi Cultural Village Tour will take us back in time for Origin of humankind and also the cultural village with its tribal king assets. Get a taste of these wonderful tourist attractions with daily departures from Johannesburg Hotels

At the Lesedi Cultural Village, we will get a taste of various traditional village settings and how black people still practice these deep cultures and why these are done. Get a taste of tradition.

We will also get a taste of various traditional dances with the climax being the Zulu dance. We will get to learn more about the various tribes and why they still uphold these cultural values. Cradle of Humankind takes us back into our origin of humankind and what it means to be human.

We will explore the Sterkfontein Caves where we will get a guided tour into the fossils evidence while getting inside some shallow caves to understand these fossils even better. From the Caves, we will embark on a short 20 minutes trip to the Maropeng museum where we will come face to face with a lot of humankind fossils.

We will also get to learn about the recent discovery of homo Naledi and why it is hailed as the greatest discovery of the 21st century.

We will explore this museum for some time and make sure we leave satisfied and with knowledge of these places. There is a day tour not to be missed.

Book the Cradle of Human Kind Tour with Lesedi Cultural Village Tour for some culture and history tour.

Cradle of Human Kind Tour with Lesedi Cultural Village Tour R2500 pp: Tour highlights

  • Old fossils
  • 4 Billions Year Journey
  • Waterfalls
  • Africa Culture Dance
  • Discovery of fossil Caves
  • Visit Cultural Village
  • Entrance fees
  • Bottled Water
  • Snacks
  • Driver/Guide
  • Hotel Pick up and drop off
  • From 8.00 AM

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