Apartheid Museum

Duration: 4 hours | Price From: R 650.00 pp

Lets us take you on a journey of Apartheid in South Africa with these Johannesburg half day tour with pick up from your Johannesburg hotel.

The Apartheid Museum in Johannesburg has all it is to know about the dark Apartheid Era which ended in 1994 when South Africa got its first democratic elections.

Pretoria Tour and Apartheid Museum Tour with Soweto Tour

Duration: 5 hours | Price From: R 1,200 pp

Explore the South West Township City of Soweto on these history filled Johannesburg half day Tour.

These tour will take you deep  into South Africa black only Township where the history of Apartheid traces its roots from. We will take you on a breathtaking journey in Soweto with Mandela house Museum and Hector Pieterson Museum being the highlights of the trip.

Half Day Tour

Duration: 5 hours | Price From: R 800.00 pp

These Johannesburg half day tour takes us to Constitutional Hill and Apartheid Museum which have similar landmarks during Apartheid . Constitutional Hill was used to jail apartheid Prisoners and these is evident when you tour the prison.

Get the un-cut stories of why the prisoners were held up there. Apartheid Museum will take us back in time to the dark Apartheid days.

Lesedi Cultural Village

Duration: 4 hours | Price From: R 1,050.00 pp

Get a taste of real black South Africa culture with Lesedi Cultural Village Johannesburg half day tour. Get to know what it means to be black as we explore the different cultural heritage that we have as Africans and why we preserve it to these day.

We also give you a taste of real Africa dance with our traditional attires on that will blow you away.

Lion Park Tour

Duration: 5 hours | Price From: R 1,700.00 pp

Make a date with the King of the Jungle, the lion king on these Johannesburg half day tour.

Get closer and closer to these animal and enjoy some wonderful sightings and take some beatiful photos that will create some lasting memories. Other animals on show includes Giraffe, Cheetah, wild dogs and not forgetting an opportunity to play and cuddle with the Lion cubs.

Pretoria City Tour

Duration: 5 hours | Price From: R 1,200 pp

These Pretoria tour from Johannesburg will get you to know the history of Pretoria . Visit the Voortrekker Museum in Pretoria which have the history of the Afrikaaners people of South Africa.

Kruger Museum will be our next stop as we make our to Church square for some very important history. Union Buildings caps off the tour with our experienced guide explaining all to know

Discover The Beauty of Johannesburg Half Day Tours

  • 1. Apartheid Museum

    Apartheid Museum was established in Johannesburg to Showcase the ill past of South Africa during the Apartheid Era. The Museum was opened in 2001 with many focuses to show the racial segregation during the apartheid Era in South Africa.

  • Constitutional Hill

    The Constitutional Hill is a precinct found in Johannesburg that was jail back during the years of struggle for South Africa. This precinct now accommodates the Constitutional Court of South Africa and everyone is welcome to come and learn more about how the constitution of South Africa came into place.

  • Pretoria City

    Pretoria is a city where the administrative duties of the government take place. The Union Buildings, Kruger House Museum, Church Square and the Voortrekker Monument are all tourist attractions that are found in Pretoria.

  • Lion Park

    Lion Park is a nature reserve situated just outside of Gauteng where you can get up close and personal with the wild cats of the jungle, Lions. You can also interact with the cubs and take memorable pictures with these interesting creatures. Other wildlife like Zebras, Giraffe, Cheetah, Africa Wild dog is found on these Park.