Explore the hidden History of Johannesburg in 2 days. From the origin of the Afrikaneers and their quest to dominate South Africa coupled with their dominance through wars back in the days and how Apartheid era came about. Discover the City build on Gold discovery in 1886 and how it transformed the whole of Johannesburg. Also get to know more about the Apartheid journey and finally freedom in South Africa. Finally, Visit the Cradle of Human Kind and Lesedi Cultural Village to wrap up the Cultures and origin of Human Kind.

Day 1
Pretoria Soweto & Apartheid Museum Day Tour

We start the day in your hotel in Johannesburg early in the morning preparing ourselves for 2 days of history and culture. We drive to Pretoria the administrative Capital of South Africa and start off in Voortrekker Monument, here we get to know about the white afrikaaners and the significance of the various heroes back in the days. From where we drive through Pretoria with its Beatiful Jacaranda Trees as we head to Union buildings the offices that house the offices of the President. From here we head to Johannesburg driving on the sleazy highways with our tour guide on point with various information about these town. We head straight to Soweto and start to explore the dark apartheid past that haunted South Africa before 2004. We visit hector Peterson Museum and get to know the significance of these Museum in 1976 and finally head to to Mandela House which is the former icon homestead. Lunch will be served here in Soweto before we head to Apartheid Museum to cap off all the history about Apartheid with detailed explanation on Gold discovery in these museum too. On our way back we drive through Johannesburg CBD via Nelson Mandela bridge. More to come on the second Day

Day 2

Cradle of Human Kind & Lesedi Cultural Village

We depart from the hotel in the morning ready for the second and last day of our Tour. We head to Skerkfontein Caves in Johannesburg North to know more about the origin of Human Kind. We get to know why these caves are important in the Human Kind origin ad why the area is so famous all over the world. From the Caves we drive to the Museum that has all the fossils that explains the origin of Human kind in detail. The day is not over before visiting Lesedi cultural Village to know about the rich cultures of South Africa and why culture is very important in the African Society. A good Johannesburg in 2 days awaits on these history and Culture Tour