Kruger National Park 2 Days

Kruger National Park 2 Days 1 night Magical Safari from Johannesburg. Get Closer to the big five with an opportunity to do a late evening and an early morning Safari. The morning Safari gives the opportunity to see the Cats coming from their hunting chores and Hyenas going back into their Caves and many more.

The afternoon Safari gives us the opportunity to meet a lot of animals in the waterhole after a long day of feeding. Below our Kruger National Park 2 Days 1 Night Magical Safari Itinerary.

Depart from your hotel or Airport in Johannesburg for these 2 days one-night Safari. We take you to Kruger National park through the breathtaking Panorama route as we make our to Kruger National with breathtaking Sceneries and beautiful fauna and Flora evident of South Africa beautiful landscapes. We arrive in Kruger National Park and immediately we start our Safari depending on the time we arrive.

On the first, we will do a Close Vehicle Safari so we can have enough time to look for the animals till late in the evening. We will also visit various waterholes that these animals frequent in the evening and surely we will not miss animals here.

We will then depart the park and head to our overnight accommodation in Hazy View.

The next day we wake at 5 am on an Open Vehicle and go looking for the cats returning from their hunting mission or the hyenas looking for something to scavenge on. We will explore the animals very early in the morning so as to try and see what we did not see the previous day. We will also have the opportunity to see the Africa Sunrise and later we head back to our accommodation and pick the bags ready for our return journey to Johannesburg.

Our cameras should be full with all the big 5s photos as we make our back to the airport or Johannesburg hotel. Our Kruger National Park 2 Days 1-night Safari awaits you.

Kruger National Park Safari

Kruger National Park Day Safari is an ideal Safari for those guests who do not have a lot of time to do a multi-day safari

Kruger National Park Safaris

Kruger National Park 1 Day 1-night Safari for those people who would like a taste of South Africa wildlife but don’t have a lot of time.

Kruger National Park Safaris

Enjoy these Kruger National Park 2 Days 1-night Magical Safari from Johannesburg. Get Closer to the big five

Kruger National Park Safaris

Embark on 3 days 2-night Safari and prepare your self to get a taste of South Africa Wild. From beautiful landscapes to the big five