An ideal tour for those guests who do not have a lot of time to do a multi-day safari, a full-day trip to Kruger National Park provides an opportunity to take in lots of scenery and wildlife in one of the largest reserves in Africa. Have three hours in the park, and see the big Five if you are lucky. Round-trip transportation, breakfast, and lunch are included.

Enjoy this tour from your hotel in Johannesburg to the home of the big 5 Kruger National Park in one day. Depart from your hotel around 5am and stop for breakfast in Middleburg around 7am. From there, drive for another 2 hours and stop again at 9am for coffee in Nelspruit. From here you’ll head straight to Kruger National park and depending on the time you arrive, you will either eat lunch before the afternoon game driver or decide on what to do and take the lunch later. These will only depend on the weather and other factors such as time of arrival. You will do a 3 hour drive into the park and leave for Johannesburg around 3:15 pm to arrive at around 9:30pm. A wonderful safari awaits with over 10 hours on the road but hey, it is Kruger National Park and one can say they were there.