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The Lion Park in South Africa Gauteng is an eco-tourism site, a rearing ground and shrine that spotlights on the prosperity and recovery of the imperiled Wild Dog, the uncommon White Lion and Cheetah. The focal point of Lion Park center is to give a chance to individuals, both residents and abroad vacationers, to take in more about these awesome African creatures.

Lion Park covers about 600 hectares of land and is located centrally near Lanseria Airport and very close to Johannesburg and Pretoria. Visitors flying in by means of Lanseria Airport could make it one of the principal things to do in the wake of venturing off the plane making it extraordinarily advantageous and a magnificent first experience with South Africa.

The Lion Park is home to more than 20 lions making it a guarantee to view and or interact with the spectacular king of the jungle up close and candid. There are also numerous different carnivores, for example, hyenas both spotted and non-spotted brown hyenas, South African cheetah the fastest creature on land, the Cape wild dog, dark upheld jackal, and a wide assortment of pronghorn which wander openly in the land territory.

Visiting the Lion Park incorporates a chance to connect with the creatures in the Cub World region which incorporates a giraffe bolstering stage that gets you close with these elegantly tall brutes where you can feed and touch them.

Lion park offers an opportunity to play, interact and even capturing those grand moments on camera with little whelps and even bigger ones that is the sub-adult ones.

Lion Park is divided into segments of an array of meat eaters that is the carnivorous and the herbivorous making it easier to locate them. There are a number of herbivorous animals such as zebras, giraffes, Blesbok, Gemsbok and Springboks.




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