Africa Moja Tours

Duration: 5 hours

Get a taste of real South Africa history on this Johannesburg day tour with departures from your hotel in Johannesburg. You will visit the Voortrekker Museum in Pretoria which have the history of the Afrikaaners.

We will then drive through Pretoria city with Stops at Paul Kruger House Museum and Church Square with a lot of deep history to learn about these places.

Our Pretoria City tour ends with Union buildings. We will then make way to Soweto to learn more about the effect of apartheid with visits to Mandela House and Hector Pieterson Museums.

Apartheid Museum will be the climax of the day as we dig deep into the real apartheid history. Book Now for a full history of South Africa past and present history.

Lion Park Half Day Afternoon Safari

Duration: 5 hours

The day tour takes us back to the origin of humankind. We will visit the Cradle of Human Kind in Johannesburg. One of UNESCO World Heritage Sites not far from Johannesburg.

Our Journey starts off at the Sterkfontein caves for some archaeological teachings on where they might have discovered the remains of our ancestors.

The guided teachings at the Sterkfontein caves will bring to our knowledge how old were the fossils when they were discovered.

We will then head to Maropeng Museum for some fossils display and also a lot of history on the origin of humankind. We will also get to learn the recent discoveries of Homo Naledi and dig more on its history.

Kruger National Park Safari

Duration: 3 hours

Experience both of these places in a day tour filled with history and culture. Lesedi Cultural Village gives us the tradition of South Africa Culture at a glance.

We will also get a taste of various traditional dances with the climax being the Zulu dance.

We will get to learn more about the various tribes and why they still uphold these cultural values.

Cradle of Humankind takes us back into our origin and what it means to be human. We will explore the Sterkfontein Caves where we will get a guided tour of the museum and also the Maropeng Museum which has some fossils and deep history about the origin of human Kind. There is a day tour not to be missed.