5 Days Johannesburg and Cape Town Tour

Tours & Safaris

Duration: 5 Days

Let’s take the burden of your booking for different tours with these Majestic multi-day tours & Safaris from Johannesburg. From the dark history of Johannesburg Apartheid to the wonderful beautiful city of Cape Town, this tour has got it all covered. We will visit Pretoria, Soweto and Apartheid Museum on the first day and then sneak through the Cradle of Human Kind for the history of origin on the second day. In Capetown, we will visit the memorable Peninsular on the first day, Winelands on the second day with wine tasting included and on the final day in the Cape do a perfect Safari to wrap up all these beautiful Memories. We are waiting for you to take you on this memorable tour of its own.

Johannesburg History Tour and Kruger National Park in 6 Days

Tours & Safaris

Duration: 6 Days

Enjoy 2 Days in Johannesburg, South Africa and 3 days in Kruger National Park and get to mix history and Safari on this history and Safari combined tour. We will visit Cradle of Human Kind, Lesedi Cultural Village, Pretoria, Soweto and Apartheid Museum to Wrap up all that is needed to know about Johannesburg or the City of Gold as famously known. From there we will head to Kruger National Park to have a date with the big 5 for 3 Days and get to soak in the wonderful and all famous Kruger National Park home to a variety of animal and birds. I wonderful Tour and Safari awaits on these epic South Africa finest combined Tour. These Multi-day tours & Safaris from Johannesburg is a combination of history and Safari.

Johannesburg in 2 Days History and Culture Tour

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Duration: 2 Days

Explore the hidden History of Johannesburg in 2 days. From the origin of the Afrikaners and their quest to dominate South Africa coupled with their dominance through wars back in the days and how the Apartheid era came about. Discover the City build on Gold discovery in 1886 and how it transformed the whole of Johannesburg. Also, get to know more about the Apartheid journey and finally freedom in South Africa. Finally, Visit the Cradle of Human Kind and Lesedi Cultural Village to wrap up the Cultures and origin of Human Kind. These multi-day tours and Safari departs from Johannesburg

10 Days Exclusive Johannesburg and Cape Town Tour

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Duration: 10 Days

Over 1,200 wild animals can be seen on these day Safari, with a number of species including lion, cheetah, Black rhino, eland, leopard, jackal, Cape clawless otter and many more. Birdlife is equally prolific, with a number of local and migratory species to be found across the reserve. Bird species you may encounter on this Cape Town safari include African fish eagle, black-breasted snake eagle, giant kingfisher, Cape vulture, Cape eagle owl, flamingo, ostrich, secretary bird, sacred ibis, spotted eagle owl, black stork, barn owl, and jackal buzzard to name just a few. A game drive across the reserve is the perfect way to take on the plentiful game and bird life that can be found at the Private Game Reserve

Discover Our Multi-Day Tours & Safaris

  • Johannesburg

    The city of Gold as it is famously known with about just over 7 Million inhabitants. Johannesburg is also home to struggle Icon Nelson Mandela who hails from the sprawling streets of Soweto.

  • Cape Town

    The City also called the Mother City of South Africa. It sits beneath the imposing Table Mountain famous for its Cable cars. These happen to be the oldest City in South Africa and forms the legislative Capital of South Africa.

  • Nelson Mandela House

    A house that the former President of the country Nelson Mandela used to live in with his family between 1946 to 1962 is found in Soweto along Vilakazi street. This house is now a museum and a tourist attraction in Soweto

  • Kruger National Park

    It is located on the northeastern side of South Africa and one of the biggest National Park in South Africa. It is home to the BIG  5 and hundreds of other animals in the massive Park with bushveld vegetation the dominant landscape.